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Invisalign- Did You Know?

The benefits of Invisalign extend further than just achieving a perfect, straight smile. Invisalign targets malocclusion and corrects the functional aspect of your bite which can prevent future, more serious oral health complications.

Having a misaligned bite creates traumatic forces between the teeth. The body naturally wants the teeth to fit together in a functional bite, and when this is not the case it will try to get rid of interferences naturally. The way the body attempts to get rid of interferences is by grinding and clenching down on the teeth, a very common nocturnal habit for many people with malocclusion. A traumatic bite can lead to severe wear of tooth and enamel, and the continuous force from misplaced teeth can cause areas of gum recession.

Areas of tooth crowding also make it more difficult to clean the teeth, allowing for more plaque to build up and lead to more serious periodontal issues and even cavities.

The main motivation to properly align your teeth with Invisalign is to fix FUNCTION! Aesthetics are always just a bonus. So, what are you waiting for? Ask us how we can help you get the bite you need for optimum oral health!

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